Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Raj Interiors takes your privacy seriously. This page cites information about the elements collected from you when you visit our website or the corresponding sites owned and operated by the Raj Interiors. Also, discloses how we use this information to accommodate your needs.

Term Acceptance

The disclosed terms in this privacy policy legally bind Raj Interiors and the customers. By visiting our website and using our services you approve to abide by our policy of collecting, using, and processing your information.

Information We Collect
  • Personal Information
  • We collect the following information from you:
    1. 1. Name
    2. 2. Personal contact number
    3. 3. Your mail address
    4. 4. Reference images of your space
  • Personal information is also collected from social networking sites if you log into our platform using any social media sites
  • Financial information
How We Use This Information
  • Internal Purpose
  • Raj Interiors collects information as a part of the registration process to improve and offer personalized services to the clients. Additionally, the information may be used to enhance the layouts, the portal’s content and to improve the user experience that is associated with the marketing objectives.

  • Customer Support
  • The information is used to mend communication gaps including clarifying doubts, surveying about the space, and regarding project updates.

    The collected information is also used in assisting the customer in case of customer support services.

We care about our customer's privacy and share the collected information with third-party ad networks, for analytical and reporting purposes to display the advertisements on other websites.


In the case of any grievances related to the privacy policy please write us at